About The Black & Reds

To be a touring rock ‘n’ roll musician is to live a nomad’s life, which entails a litany of hardships. To survive, one must embrace a series of harsh commandments: Thou shalt be on the road for months at a time, thou shalt live out of a bag the entire time, thou shalt never spend more than a few nights in any given city. Thou must not know what it is to live in a state of near constant movement. Fortunately, The Black and Reds drummer and lead vocalist Ashley Sheehan’s Gypsy ancestry makes him well suited to this existence, and guitarist and back-up vocalist Greg Lake’s outright enthusiasm makes him the perfect accomplice.

Black & Reds

Ash Sheehan of The Black & Reds gives a bit of the backstory on the two-man band as they record at the Hurley Studio.